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Control Master

Versatile, yet secure. Using the Control Master you achieve full accountability for all drinks poured without sacrificing speed and variety of service. The Control Master is inexpensive, robust and easy to use.

Four pour sizes per brand and a cocktail feature that allows pouring complex cocktails with up to 10 liquor ingredients, even providing text information on the exact recipe. The Control Master doesn’t restrict the way you work.

Beyond being a supreme liquor system, the Control Master M2 is also the central, intelligent hub of your bar, where all other measuring and dispensing devices can be connected. For example flow meters for draft and soda, soda-guns, Coffee Machines, entrance control etc.

The Control Master collects all the data possible about every item you sell, and then it can be set up to relate this invaluable information to your POS / cash register system.

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Draft and Soda

Flow meters are the only practical way to measure draft and soda from barrels or containers. It is essential that you get accurate information any time, as opposed to weighing the barrels, which is just another form of inventory control where you run after money that you will never get back.
The measurement also needs to be highly accurate, what use are flow meters that are more than 4 percent off when you are trying to prevent 8 percent in spillage and theft?

Our Indukometer is designed for the highest precision while not needing any maintenance whatsoever. The measurement is purely electromagnetic, there is no turbine or any moving parts in the tube. The liquid runs through the full diameter tube all the way through.

No matter if you want to dispense by the portion or control by volume, - you always rely on accuracy. This is why we recommend the Indukometer.

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A system that works…

It is simple uncomplicated and fast. Every bottle on the shelf or in the fridge will be armed with a special pourer.
These coded pourers will be sealed to the bottles with a heat shrink foil. No one can take it off without breaking the seal. Pouring is now only possible when using the activator ring.
From now on the exact designated portion is dispensed whenever the bottle is brought into vertical position. Each portion will be reliably registered.

Control Master Bedienung

You are welcome to check out more videos concerning our Control Master System.
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